Name: Cherry
Gender: female
Age: 2 years
Kg: about 10-12 kg.
Castration: yes
Breed: mix
Color: predominantly black with white-brown shadow and paw patterns, extremely beautiful
Character: kind, playful
Cohabitation with cats: yes
Co-habitation with another dog: yes
Co-habitation with children: yes
Passport: yes
Found on the road …. her mother and brother are dead

Cherry is a lovely, middle sized charming dog.. Castrated, dewormed – externally and internally. With all vaccines! Walks on a leash. With hygienic habits. She likes to cuddle, she is very affectionate. Cherry is very social with other dogs and cats. 12kg. 2 years old. The color is predominantly black with white-brown patterns on the hump and on the paws, extremely beautiful dog. Wonderful for an elderly couple, as well as a companion to a child with an extremely calm temper.
She loves little puppies, she accepts them as his own! Do you want them to become part of your family? Now is the time….

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