Name: Lisa
Gender: Female
Age: about 1 yr
Kg: about 25-30 kg.
Castration: yes
Breed: mix
Color: predominantly beige – brown with black – white colours on the abdomen and the jaw
Character: kind, playful, trusting
Cohabitation: yes
Co-habitation with another dog: yes
Co-habitation with children: yes
Passport: yes
Rescued as a baby … she was thrown out with the whole litter

Lisa is 1 year old, castrated, dewormed, vaccinated and ready to be a true friend forever to the right person. She was rescued as a baby … she was thrown out on the street with the whole litter. She does not know the street and can not handle it alone there. Lisa is extremely social with other dogs. She likes playing and running also she love to enjoy a lot of human attention. Lisa trusted easily and quickly.

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