Name: Mazhago
Gender: male
Age: 1-1,5 years
Kg: about 25-30 kg.
Castration: yes
Breed: mix
Color: predominantly gray with white colours on the abdomen and the jaw
Character: kind, playful, loving
Cohabitation with cats: yes
Co-habitation with another dog: yes
Co-habitation with children: yes
Passport: yes

Rescued as a baby thrown out with a whole litter of puppies suffering from parvo

The only male dog who survived his litter after the murderous parvovirosis with which he also struggled with his sisters Lisa and Chara. Mazhago shows dominance over the other dogs in the pack but with people it is very social and kind. About a year old he is in perfect health. Castrated, dewormed and vaccinated. What remains to Mazhago … is to wait for his adoptive parents to notice him!

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