Name: Nadezhda in English – Hope
Gender: female
Age: under 1 year in about 8-9m.
Kg: about 8-10 kg.
Castration: no
Breed: mix the mother is Pinscher breed
Color: gray-white
Character: kind, playful
Cohabitation with cats: yes
Co-habitation with another dog: yes
Co-habitation with children: yes
Passport: yes
Found in the street as a baby in a box with 3 of her sisters, only Nadezhda/ Hope survives. That’s why we named her Nadezhda/ Hope.

She is extremely clever, playful, amenable to training. Dewormed – externally and internally.
Nadezhda/ Hope is not expected to grow anymore. Walks on a leash, not made hygienic habits, but learns very quickly and she is very smart. Easily executes commands. Ideal for a company of small, energetic children to play together.
Social with other dogs and cats. Nadezhda/ Hope. likes to cuddle a lot.
Her color is gray-white.. the mother is Pinscher breed, father unknown. With all vaccines!


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