Name: Petko
Gender: male
Age: less than 1 yr. in about 8-9m
Kg: about 8-10 kg.
Castration: no
Breed: a mix of rottweiler breeds
Color: black-brown
Character: kind, playful
Cohabitation with cats: yes
Co-habitation with another dog: yes
Co-habitation with children: yes
Passport: yes
Found in the street like a baby

Uncastrated at the moment, dewormed – externally and internally.
Petko is very playful, able to learn because of his young age. There is no hygiene at the moment, but his age implies easy training and adaptation.
He is expected to reach no more than 15kg.
Very social with other dogs and cats. With all vaccines!
The color is black-brown, very energetic, photogenic and likes to pose.

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